The Benefits and the Benefit Amounts that ATTA has deemed as suitable.        


Benefit Amounts (Baht)
1. Personal Accident 200,000
2. Accident Medical Expense 100,000
3. Emergency Accident Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains 100,000
4. Personal Liability 100,000

Note: The above mentioned premium include tax and stamp

2. Conditions and Insuring Agreements

2.1) Personal Accident

This insurance covers loss arising from bodily injury due to causes external to the Insured Person by accident during travelling and giving rise to results as follows:-

2.1.1) Loss of Life

If injury sustained by the Insured Person causes loss of life within 180 days as from the date of accident or the injury sustained by the Insured Person necessitates continuous treatment in a hospital as an in-patient and loss of life occurs because of such injury,the Company will pay compensation in accordance with the Sum Insured stated in the Policy Schedule.

2.1.2) Dismemberment and Loss of Sight

If injury sustained by the Insured Person causes total and permanent loss as stated below within 180 days from the date of accident, the Company will pay compensation as follows :-

100% of the Sum Insured for the loss of 2 arms, 2 legs, and 2 eyes;
50% of the Sum Insured for the loss of 1 arm, 1 leg, and 1 eye

2.2) Medical Expense

This insurance covers loss or damage arising from injury. of the Insured Person which is the result of an accident that occurs within the time of travel. It covers any required medical attention from a certified doctor in accordance with the law. The company shall reimburse the Insured Person reasonable medically necessary expenses, incurred up to the benefit level stated in the Policy Schedule.

2.3) Emergency Accident Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains

Emergency Accident Evacuation - This insurance covers when as the result of injury commencing while the Insured Person is travelling within Thailand and if in the opinion of American International Assistance Services, Inc. (AIAS), or an authorized representative of AIAS, it is judged medically appropriate to move an Insured Person to another location. AIAS or the authorized representative shall arrange for the evacuation utilizing the means best suited to do so, based on the medical severity of the Insured Person's condition. The Company shall pay directly to AIAS the covered expenses for such evacuation.

The means of evacuation arranged by AIAS, or an authorized representative of AIAS, may include air ambulance, surface ambulance, regular air transportation, railroad or any other appropriate means.

All decisions as to the means of transportation and the final destination will be made by AIAS, or the authorized representative and will be based solely upon medical necessity.

Covered expenses are expenses for services provided and/or arranged by AIAS or the transportation, medical supplies necessarily incurred as a result of an emergency accident evacuation of an Insured Person as described herein.

Repatriation of Remains - This policy covers when as a result of injury commencing while the Insured Person is travelling within Thailand, the Insured Person dies within 30 days from the date of the injury. The American International Assistance Service Inc. (AIAS), or an authorized representative of AIAS shall make the necessary arrangements for the return of the Insured Person's mortal remains to the permanent place of residence. The Company shall pay directly to AIAS the covered expenses for such repatriation.

In additional to the transportation of the remains, the Company shall reimburse the Insured Person's estate expenses actually incurred for services and supplies provided by a mortician or undertaker, including but not limited to the cost of a casket, the embalming and cremation if so selected.

Note "American International Assistance Service lnc.(AIAS) " means a company who provides services for Insured Person in the field of medical care advice, accident evacuation for medical treatment, and repatriation of remains.

2.4) Personal Liability

The Company shall indemnify the Insured Person for legal liability to a third party up to a limit of amount as stated in the Policy Schedule arising during the period of insurance as a result of :

l. death or an accident bodily injury to any person
2. accident loss of or damage to the property of that person

3) Period of Insurance

The policy covers the registered tourists of the member of the association against accidents whilst travelling within Thailand, and during the sightseeing tour and/or other activities organized by the member company, and it is terminated when one of such events which is said hereunder is in face :

a) Ending of tour program under which the Insured Person is registered.

b) Departure of the Insured Person from Kingdom of Thailand.

4) Minimum Insured Person


5) Age Limit 


6) Limit of Liability

The total liability of the company in-aggregate per occurrence shall not exceed Baht 40,000,000 (Forty  Million Baht) of the compensation.

7) Exclusions

The insurance under this insurance policy does not cover

7.1) Loss arising from bodily injury due to or in consequence of causes as follows

7.1.1) Actions of the tourist while under the influence of alcohol or drugs of harmful nature to the extent of  being of controlling senses.

7.1.2) Suicide or attempt at suicide or infliction of self-injury.

7.1.3) Bacterial and virus infections except pyrogenic infection or tetanus or rabies which occur through an accident out or wound.

7.1.4) Abortion.

7.1.5) War (whether declared or otherwise), invasion, act of foreign enemies, civil war, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportion of or amounting to a popular rising against government, riot and strike.

7.1.6) Nuclear weapons, radiation or radio activity from any nuclear fuel arising from the combustion of nuclear fuel and self sustaining process of nuclear fission.

7.2) Loss arising from bodily injury occurring during the time as follows

7.2.1) While the tourist is hunting in forest, engaging in all types of motor or boat racing, horse facing, skiing, skating, polo playing, professional boxing and parachute jumping except parachute jumping to saving life.

7.2.2) While the tourist is driving or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle.

This policy offers extended coverage to include period while the Insured Person engages in Scuba Diving.