The Emblem of Trang

     Trang ,  or  Taptiang,  is  another  big  town  in the South, which is the first to grow rubber trees of which the saplings were brought in from Malaysia by Phraya Rasssadanupradit Mahissarapakdi.

     Trang  is  a  seaport on the Thai west coast 1,124 kms. from Bangkok on Phetchakasem  Road.  At  present,  there  is a new route, from Suratthani to Trang,  which  makes  the  total distance from Bangkok 864 kms. Its area is 5,216 square kms. or about 3,095,000 Rai. The northern boundary is next to Thung  Song  District,  Nakhorn  Si  Thammarat  Province;  the  southern by Thung  Wah  District, Satun Province, the Indian Ocean. The Administration of  the  province  is  divided into 9 districts and 1 sub-district; Muang (Trang Town),   Kantang,  Huay  Yod,  Sikao,  Yan  Takhao,  Palian,  Wang  Wiset, Nayong Districts, and Ratsada Had Samran sub-districts.

Connects with Nakhon Si Thammarat .
Connects with Satun and Indian Ocean.
Connects with Phattalung.
Connects with Krabi and Indian Ocean.

From Trang city to its districts
-   Hat Samran 59 kms.
-   Huay Yod 28 kms.
-   Kan Tang 24 kms.
-   Nayong 12 kms.
-   Pa Lien 44 kms.
-   Ratsada 57 kms.
-   Sikao 23 kms.
-   Wang Wiset 60 kms.
-   Yan Takhao 20 kms.

How to get there
By bus
     The  Transportation  Company Limited provides daily services both of   non   and   air-conditioned   buses,  leaving  from  the  Southern  Bus Terminal     on     Borom    Ratchonnani    Road    in    Bangkok .   Further information  can  be  acquired   by   calling  435-1200,  435-1199.  There  is  also  a  province  bus company, Sap Paisan Tour. Tel. (02)435-5017 (Bangkok), that offers regular services.

By Train
There are two trains.
From Bangkok :
1. Rapid train Number 167, leaving from Bangkok for Kantang at 18.20
2. Express train number 83, leaving from Bangkok for Trang at 17.05

From Trang :
1. Rapid train number 168, leaving from Kantang for Bangkok at 13.10
2. Express train number 84, leaving from Trang for Bangkok at 17.10
Contact : Bangkok Railway Station , Tel. (02) 224-7788, 223-3762 or 225-0300 ext. 5200-03 for ticket booking Trang Station , at Tel. (075) 213-082 for ticketing information.

By plane
     Thai  International  airways  offers  daily  flights  from  Bangkok  to  Trang . Reservations can be made  at  Tel.  280-0060,  628-2000  and  Trang  (075)  218-066.  Transportation  within Trang Town -There  are  Tuk-Tuk  and  motorbike  taxi  available  to  any place in town for 10 baht flat rate. The transportation between towns can be done conveniently by air-conditioned van, bus and taxi.