The Emblem of Songkhla

     Songkhla  is  a  border  province  in  Southern  Thailand,  adjoining  the state of Kedah in Malaysia. It has been known as a principal sea port and coastal  trading  post  from time immemorial. As a historic town, Songkhla has   inherited  ancient  ruins,  arts,  and  places  of  cultural  importance  in addition  to its unique tradition, dialect, and folk entertainment, a reflection of its rich cultural heritage for later generations to appreciate.

     Songkhla  has  fine  beaches,  enchanting  waterfalls,  and a tranquil lake - a manifestation of its abundant  natural  resources.  While  Songkhla  is  noted  for its fishery industry, Hat Yai, the major district  of  the province, serves as a transportation and communications hub of the South, with this bustling  town  linking with various destinations in the neighboring provinces and in Malaysia. Only 30  kilometers  apart  and  with  contrastive  characteristics,  Hat  Yai  and  Songkhla  can  be ideal places  for  the  tourist  to  visit:  Hat Yai, a fast booming city in trade and business, while Songkhla remains a sleepy town still able to maintain its unique identity of ancient and historical flavors.

     Songkhla     covers    an    area    of    7,393.9    square    kilometers (approximately  1,848,472  acres).  It is divided into 16 administrative Amphoe (districts),  i.e.  Amphoe  Muang, Amphoe Hat Yai, Amphoe Chana,  Amphoe  Ranode,  Amphoe  Bangklam,  Amphoe  Namom, amphoe  Khlong  Hoykhong,  Amphoe Nathawee, Amphoe Thepha, Amphoe Sabayoi, Amphoe Sadao, Amphoe Rattaphoom, Amphoe Singha   Nakhon,  Amphoe  Khuanniang,  Amphoe  Rattaphum,  and Amphoe Krasaesin. The population of the province is 1,159,672.

How to get there
By Bus
     A  950  kilometers  road  journey  from  Bangkok  on  Highway  No.  4  takes you past Prachuab Khirikhan,  Chumphon,  Surat  Thani,  and  Nakhon  Si  Thammatat  to Songkhla. Several daily air-conditioned  coaches  and non-air-conditioned buses leave Bangkok for Hat Yai and vice versa. For  further  information,  please  call  Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal : (02) 4351199, 4345557-8 or Hat Yai Bus Terminal (074) 232404, 232789.

By Train
     Train  services  linking  Bangkok  and Hat Yai include both rapid and express trains. For further details,  contact  Bangkok Railway Station (02) 2237010, 2237020 or Hat Yai Railway Station (074) 243705, 246267-8, 243978.

By Air
     Thai   Airways  International   offers   many   flights   daily  between  Bangkok  and  Hat  Yai.  For information,  please  contact  Thai  Airways Internatiional Bangkok Office (02) 2820060, 6282000 or Hat Yai office : (074) 245851, 233433, 244282, 243711.