The Emblem of Phang-Nga

     Phang-Nga  is  a  primarily agricultural province in the south of Thailand. The chief cash crop is rubber,   and   rubber  plantations  cover  a  considerable  area,  especially  noticeable  along  the roads.   Aside   from   that,   however,  large  areas  are  also  given  to  food  crops.  Considerable amounts  of  rice, vegetables and fruits are produced in Phang-Nga. Phang-Nga province has an area of 4,170 sq. kms., a large part of which is forest.

Nort :
South :
East :
West :
borders Ranong Province and Surat Thani Province.
borders Phuket Province and the Andaman Sea.
borders Surat Thani Province and Krabi Province.
borders the Andaman Sea.

From Phang-Nga city to its districts
     -   Kuraburi 125 kms.
     -   Thap Put 26 kms.
     -   Kapong 47 kms.
     -   Takua Thung 14 kms.
     -   Takua Pa No.4090 59 kms.
     -   Takua Pa No.4 129 kms.
     -   Thai Meuang 57 kms.
     -   Ko Yao 138 kms.

From Phang-Nga city to nearby provinces
     -   Ranong 226 kms.
     -   Surat Thani 196 kms.
     -   Krabi 86 kms.
     -   Phuket 87 kms.

How to get there
By Road
     From   Bangkok,   take  Route  4,  passing  Prachuab  Khirikan,  Chumpon,  and  Ranong.  Total distance is 788 kms. and travel time to Phang-Nga Town is approximately 12 hours.

     From  Phuket,  use  route  402,  pass  the  parallel  spans  of  Sarasin  and  Thao  Thep  Krasatri Bridges.  You  are  now  in  Phang-Nga province. To go on to the provincial capital, go north to the town  of  Kok  Kloy.  Turn right (at Bangkok Bank), and follow Route 4 to Phang-Nga Town. You will pass  Takua  Thung  along  the  way  and  cover  a  distance  of  87 kms.  Travel  time  is  about 90 minutes

By Air
     One   can  travel  via  Bangkok-Phuket  flight  and  extend  the  journey  by  road  for  another  58 kilometers.  Detailed  information  can  be  obtained  from  Thai  Airways  International , Lan Luang road, Tel. (02) 2800060, 6282000