The Emblem of Yasothon

     According  to  historical  chronicles of Muang Yasothon, Phra Chao Voravongsa,  and  his  followers  in  2340  B.E. were migrating to settle down  with  the  governor of Champasak. Along the way, they stopped at  Dong  Phi  Singh  and  decided  to make their home there as it was found  to  be  an approciate site which was later named Ban Ta Singh or  Muang  Ta  Singh.  In  2357  B.E.  King  Rama  II  issued  an  edict to up grade  the settlement into a town. Muang Ta Singh, reporting direct to   Bangkok.   The   rank   of   Phra   Rachavongsa  was  given  to  the governor. The town was subsequently elevated into a province under a  Revolutionary  Order  No.70 on February 6,2515. The province was made  up of the following districts, Yasothon, Kam Khuan Kaew, Maha Chaichana,  Pa  Tiew,  Lerng  Nok  Tha  and Kud Chum (all formerly in Ubon  Ratchathani), and officially came into existence on March 1,215 (1972).

Mukdahan,Nakhon Phanom and Roi Et
Ubon Ratchathani
Roi Et

From Yasothon city of nearby Provinces
     -   Mukdahan 111 kms.
     -   Nakhon Phanom 215 kms.
     -   Roi Et 71 kms.
     -   Sisaket 159 kms.
     -   Ubon Ratchathani 98 kms.

From Yasothon city to its districts.
-   Kamkhuenkaew 23 kms.
-   Korwang 70 kms.
-   Kudchum 37 kms.
-   Loengnoktha 69 kms.
-   Mahachaichana 41 kms.
-   Patieu 28 kms.
-   Saimoon 18 kms
-   Thai Charoen 51 kms.

How to get there
By Road
     Take  Highway  No.1 (Phaholyothin) to Saraburi. Then turn right into Highway No.2 (Mitrapharb) through  Nakhon  Ratchasima heading toward Phimai district, and on to Song Hong and Ban Phai districts   of   Khon   Kaen.   From   here,   turn   into   Highway   No.  23  passing  Borabue  district  of Mahasarakham  and  Thawatchai and Selaphum district of Roi Et before reaching Yasothon. The total  distance  is some 531 kms., travelling time is about 7 hours. There are regular services daily by non and air-conditioned buses which leave Bangkok from the Northern Bus Terminal.

Train or Air
     passengers  have  to  get  off  at  Ubon  Ratchathani  to  continue by road for another 99 kms. to arrive at Yasothon.