The Emblem of Udon Thani

     Geography:   Udon   Thani   is   a   northeastern  province  covering  an  area  of  15,589  square kilometres.  T he   provincial   capital   is   562   kilometres  northeast  of  Bangkok.  Udon  Thani  is probably   best  known  for  its  archaeological  wonders,  paramount  among  them  the  hamlet  of theBan  Chiang  where the world's first Bronze Age civilisation is believed to have flourished more than 5,000 years ago.

How to get there
By Air
     Thai  Airways  operates  daily  flights betweenBangkok and Udon Thani..    Please    contact   Bangkok   280-0070,   280-0080   forfurther details., and (042)243-222 in Udon Thani..

By Bus
     Air  conditioned  coaches  and  non - airconditioned  buses  leave Bangkok's  Northeastern  Bus Terminal on Kamphaengphet 2 Road every   day   between  5.00  AM.  and  10.00  PM..  For  further  detials, please   contact  Bangkok  271-0101-5  for  regular  buses , and  279-4484-7 for airconditionedcoaches.