The Emblem of Sakon Nakhon

     Sakon   Nakhon   is   in   the   upper   Northeast.  It  is  on  the  Phu  Phan mountain   range   and   has  many  forest  temple  retreats  for  meditation. These  temples  are  also  where famous monks well known in meditation circles  reside.  Sakon  Nakhon  is  647 kilometres from Bangkok and has an   area   of   9,605   square  kilometres.  Sakon  Nakhon  consists  of  the following    districts:    Muang    Sakon    Nakhon,   Waritchaphum,   Kutbak, Kusuman,   Ban   Muang,   Phanna   Nikhom,  Sawang  Daen  Din,  Wanon Niwat,  Phang  Khon,  Akat  Amnuai,  Songdao,  Kham  Ta  Kla,  Tao-ngoi, Khok  Si  Suphan,  Nikhom  Namun, Charoen Sin, Phon Na Kaeo and Phu Phan.

Nongkhai and Nakhon Phanom
Kalasin,Nakhon Phanom and Udon Thani
Kalasin and Nakhon Phanom
Nongkhai and Udon Thani

From Sakon Nakhon city of nearby Provinces
     -   Kalasin 128 kms.
     -   Nakhon Phanom 93 kms.
     -   Nongkhai 210 kms.
     -   Udon Thani 159 kms.

From Sakon Nakhon city to its districts.
     -   Akat Amnuai 57 kms.
     -   Ban Muang 120 kms.
     -  Charoen Sin 90 kms.
     -   Kham Ta Kla 109 kms.
     -   Khok Si Suphan 22 kms.
     -   Kutbak 56 kms.
     -   Kusuman 40 kms.
     -   Nikhom Namun 99 kms.
     -   Noraniwat 85 kms.
     -   Phangkhon 54 kms.
     -   Phanna Nikom 39 kms.
     -   Phon Na Kaeo 35 kms.
     -   Phu Phan 33 kms.
     -   Sawang Daendin 84 kms.
     -   Songdao 109 kms.
     -   Tao-ngoi 28 kms
     -   Wanon Niwat 85 kms.
     -   Warichaphum 69 kms.

How to get there
     Sakon  Nakhon  is  512  kilometers  from  Bangkok.  The  best  and  most  convenient route is to leave   Bangkok   along  Saraburi  Nakhon  Ratchasima-Ban  Phai-Maha  Sarakham  Highway  to Sakon Nakhon totalling a journey duration of six hours. Travelling by plane one has to go to Khon Kaen  Province  first  and  continue  the trip by land transport to Sakon Nakhon Province. From the Northeastern  Bus  Terminal  in  Bangkok  there  are  several  ordinary  and air-conditioned buses going  to Sakon Nakhon. From Sakon Nakhon Province, the bus leaves Sakon Nakhon Terminal at Thawa Phiban Road, Tel. (043) 511939, 512546.