The Emblem of Nongkhai

Heroism in Crushing the Ho Rebellion,
Luang Pho Phra Sai,
Thai-Lao Bridge.

     Nongkhai  is  a  border  province  in  northeastern Thailand. It has a total area of 7,332.3 square km. And has an average elevation of 365 m. above sea level.

     The  province  is  divided  into  12  Amphoe  (districts)  and  2  King Amphoe   (sub - districts).   They   are   Amphoe   Muang  Nong  Khai, Amphoe   Tha   Bo,   Amphoe   Bung   Kan,   Amphoe   Phon   Phi-sai, Amphoe   Sri   Chiang   Mai,   Amphoe   Se-ka,  Amphoe  So  Phi-sai, Amphoe  Sang  Khom,  Amphoe Phone Charoen, Amphoe Pak Cart, Amphoe  Bung  Khong  Long, Amphoe Sri Wi-lai, King Amphoe Bung Khla and King Amphoe Sa-krai.

North - River valley
South - Highlands
East - Highlands and forests
West - Mountains and jungles

Nongkhai has 3 seasons :
Summer -      Hot highest temperature at 35 degree Celsius.
Rainy -           Heave rainfall because of closeness the Mekong river
Winner -        Cold because of elevation. Lowest temperature at 11 degree Celsius.

North -
East -
South -
West -
Connects with Vientiane, divided by Mekong River.
Connents with Nakhon Phanom.
Connects with Udorn Thani and Sakon Nakhon.
Connects with Loei.


Nongkhai Province is divided in to 11 Amphoes and 2 king Amphoes (sub-districts). The distances from Amphoe Muang to other Amphoes are as follow :
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Tha Bo
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Phon Phisai
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Si Chiang Mai
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe So Phisai
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Pak Khai
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Sangkhom
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Bung Kan
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Phon Charoen
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Seka
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Bung Khong Loung
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Si Wilai
Amphoe Muang - King Amphoe Bung Khla
Amphoe Muang - King Amphoe Sa Khai
42 kms.
45 kms.
57 kms.
90 kms.
90 kms.
95 kms.
136 kms.
182 kms.
228 kms.
238 kms.
163 kms.
181 kms.
24 kms.

From Nongkhai city of nearby Provinces
     -   Ubon Ratchathani 51 kms.
     -   Loei 202 kms.
     -   Sakhon Nakhon 210 kms.
     -   Nakhon Phanom 303 kms.

How to get there
By Bus
     The   Transport   Co.   operates   a   daily  bus  services  from  Bangkok (ordinary   and   air-conditioned).   For   details,   please  contact  Tel. (02)-
2710202-5  in Bangkok for ordinary buses, Tel.(02)279-4484-7 in Bangkok for air-conditioned buses and Tel. (042) 411612 in Nong Khai.

By Car
     Take  highway  No.2  pass  Saraburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Undorn Thani and to Nong Khai. The total distance is 616 km.