The Emblem of Maha Sarakham

     Maha   Sarakham   is   situated   in  the  heart  of  Northeast  Thailand having  peaceful  atmosphere  and being the center of education in the northeast  so  the  name  "Taksila  of  Isan"  (Taksila  was  a city where educaton of all branches were centered in the ancient India) is given to it. Maha Sarakham is 470 kilometers, along highways, from Bangkok. It occupies  an  area  of  5,291.68  square kilometers being a rolling plain without  mountain  or hill with the Chi River flows through. The majority of the area is rice field.

     The   principal   occupations  of  Maha  Sarakham  people  are  cultivation  and  animal  raising. Outstanding  home  industry  of  Maha  Sarakham  is  sericulture  and  silk fabric production. Maha Sarakham hand woven silk and cotton mainly have original patterns and are very beautiful.

North :
South :
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Surin and Buriram
Khon Kaen

From Maha Sarakham city of nearby Provinces.
     -   Buriram 145 kms.
     -   Kalasin 44 kms.
     -   Khon Kaen 75 kms.
     -   Roi-Et kms.
     -   Surin 177 kms.

From Maha Sarakham city to its districts
     -   Borabue 28 kms.
     -   Chiang Yuen 44 kms.
     -   Kae Dam 28 kms.
     -   Kantharawichai 16 kms.
     -   Kosum Phisai 28 kms.
     -   Na Chuak 56 kms.
     -   Nadun 65 kms.
     -   Phayakhaphum Phisai 84 kms.
     -   Wapipathum 40 kms.
     -   Yang Sisurat Subdistrict 70 kms.
     -   Kudrang Subdistrict 40 kms.
     -   Chuenchom subdistrict 70 kms.

How to get there
     From  Bangkok, there are ordinary buses operating to Ubon Ratchatani and stop over at Maha Sarakham  several  trips  a  day.  The  fare  is  113  baht and detailed information can be obtained from  the  Northeastern  Bus Terminal, Tel. 936-3667-8.  Air-conditioned  buses  leaves  the  North-
eastern  Bus  Terminal  in  Bangkok  for  Maha Sarakham three trips a day i.e., at 09.00 a.m., 09.00 p.m.  and  10.00  p.m. charging the fare 158 nbaht per person for common air-conditioned bus and 245  baht  for  VIP air-conditioned bus. For those who travel by train or plane, land transport needs to be continued at Khon Kaen for another distance of 72 kilometers to Maha Sarakham.