The Emblem of Loei

     Although   geographical   located  in  the  noreast,  Loei  has  many  things  in  common  with  the northern  region  with  umerous  high  hills  and  mountains,  wintry  and  foggy  climate. It is the only province  in  Thailand  which  has  the  dubicous  destination  of  the  mercury  plummenting to zero Celcius.  Loei  is  520  kilometers  from Bangkok on the Bangkok and administratively divided into 12  districts  (Amphoes) :  Muang,  Chiang  Khan, Dan  Sai,  Na  Duang,  Na Haeo, Pak Chom, Pha Khao, Phu Kradung, Phu Luang, Phu Rua,Tha Li, and Wang Saphung,



Laos with the Maekhong and Nam Hueng Waterway as the natural border.
Loei  adjourns  Amphoe  Nam  Nao  and  Amphoe PhuPhaman, Khon Kaen Province Amphoe Nam Nao and Amphoe Lomasak, Phetchaboon Province.
Loei adjourns Amphoe Sangkom, Nongkhai Province; Amphoe Namsoem, Amphoe NaKlang, Nongbua Lamphu Province and Amphoe Sichomphu, Khonkaen Province.
Loei adjourns Amphoe Chat Trakan, Amphoe Nakhorn Thai, Pitsanulok Province.

From Loei city of nearby Provinces.
     -   Khonkaen 120 kms.
     -   Nong Bua Lamphu 102 kms.
     -   Nong Khai 170 kms.
     -   Phetchabun 80 kms.
     -   Phitsanulok 210 kms.
     -   Udon Thani 143 kms.

From Loei city to its districtsBamnet
     -   Chiang Khan 47 kms.
     -   Dan Sai 82 kms.
     -   Na Duang 32 kms.
     -   Na Haeo 125 kms.
     -   Pak Chom 90 kms.
     -   Pha Khao 70 kms.
     -   Phu Kradung 73 kms.
     -   Phu Luang 49 kms.
     -   Phu Rua 49 kms.
     -   Tha Li 47 kms.
     -   Wang Sapung 23 kms.
     -   Erawan Subdistrict 50 kms.
     -   Nong Hin Subdistrict 50 kms.
How to get there
By Bus
    Air   and   non   air - conditioned   buses   leave   for   Loei   from   the   Northern   bus  terminal  on Phaholyothin  Road.  (Tel. 537-8055-6).  for  private bus companies, contact : Air Loei Co.,Ltd. (Tel. 2725259) and Chumphae Tour (Tel. 2725261)

By Train
     Trains  leave  Bangkok  Railway Station for Udon Thani and Khon Kaen. From there take a bus to Loei. For further information please contact Tel. 2237010, 2237020

By Plane
     Thai  Airways  International  Ltd.  flies  to  Loei  via  Phitsanulok or Udon Thani. For more details please contact Tel. 2800070, 2800080