The Emblem of Kalasin

     Kalasin   is  519  kilometers  from  Bangkok  and  administratively divided  into  14  Amphoes and 4 King Amphoes (Subdistricts), they are    Amphoe   Muang   Kalasin,   Amphoe   Yang   Talat,   Amphoe Kamalasai,  Amphoe  Tha Khantho, Amphoe Khao Wong. Amphoe Huai   Meg,   Amphoe   Sahassakhan,  Amphoe  Somdet,  Amphoe Kuchinarai, Amphoe Kham Muong, Amphoe Nong Kungsi, Amphoe Namon,  Amphoe  Huai Phung, Amphoe Rong Kham King Amphoe No  Koo,  King  Amphoe  Sam  Chai,  King  Amphoe  Don  Chan and King   Amphoe  Kong  Chai,  occupying  an  are  of  7,055.07  square kilometers.  The  characteristics of the area are mountainous along the  Phuphan  Range  in  the  upper part while the middle part is hilly area with the alteration of diciduous forest.

Udon Thani, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom Province.
Roi-Et and Maha Sarakham Province.
Roi-Et and Mukdahan Province.
Maha Sarakham, Khon Kaen and Udon Thani Province.

From Kalasin city of nearby Provinces
     -   Khonkaen 76 kms.
     -   Maha Sarakham 45 kms.
     -   Nakhon Phanom 220 kms.
     -   Roi-Et 45 kms.
     -   Sakhon Nakhon 128 kms.
     -   Udon Thani 193 kms.

From Kalasin city to its districts.
     -   Huai Mag 48 kms.
     -   Huai Phung 59 kms.
     -   Kamalasai 13 kms.
     -   Kham Muong 85 kms.
     -   Khao Wong 98 kms.
     -   Kuchinarai 80 kms.
     -   Namon 42 kms.
     -   Nong Kungsri 62 kms.
     -   Rong Kham 38 kms.
     -   Sahassakhan 22 kms.
     -   Somdet 42 kms.
     -   Tha Khantho 109 kms.
     -   Yang Talat 16 kms.
     -   Nakoo Subdistrict 88 kms.
     -   Sam Chai Subdistrict 85 kms.
     -   Don Chan Subdistrict 32 kms.
     -   Kong Chai Subdistrict 26 kms.
     Kalasin   is   a   rich   and   fertiled   province   of   northeast   Thailand.  From archeological  evidence,  it  used  to  be  the  residence  of Lawa tribal people having  prosperous  civilization  which  can  be dated back to 1,600 years. But from   historical   evidence,   it   was   founded  as  a  town  in  the  beginning  of Bangkok  era  around  the  year  1793  by Thao Somphamit who migrated with his  people from the territory on the left bank of the Maekong River and settled down  at  Ban  keang  Samrong near the bank of Nam Pao River. After setting down  he  arranged  to  deliver  offerings  to  be  offered  to  King  Rama I, Phra Phuttha   Yodfa   Chulalok   Maharat  asking  him  to  accept  his  town  to  be  a subject   of   Bangkok.  Later,  by  the  royal  command  of  King  Rama  l,  Phra Phuttha Yodfa Chulalok Maharat, Ban Kaeng Samrong was upgraded to be a town  having  the  name  as  Muang  Kalasin  due to its location being near the Nam  Dam  River  which  laterally  means  black  water  and  at  the same time Thao  Somphamit  was  appointed  Phraya  Chaiyasunthon  as the first ruler of Muang Kalasin.

How to get there
     lt is 519 kilometers from Bangkok to Kalasin where one can travel through Bangkok-Saraburi-Nakhon Ratchasima (Highway No.2)-Maha Sarakham-Kalasin (Highway No. 209).

By Bus
     The  Transport Company Limited (Bo Kho So) daily operates busservices having ordinary bus leaving  the  terminal every 40 minutes from08.30 hours to 00.15 hours charging the fare of 221baht with  8 - 9  hourstravelling-duration. Air - conditioned bus leaves the terminal at 23.30 hours,the fare is  340 baht with an approximate duration of 7 hours. Detailedinformation can be ained by Tel. (02) 9370261-5 (ordinary bus) and Ext.170 (coonditioned bus).

By Rail
     One  has  to  travel  from  Bangkok  to  Khon Kaen Railway Station,then, continue the journey by bus  for  another  76  kilometers  to  Kalasin. The  Royal  State  Railway  of  Thailand  provides rail services  by  dailyoperating  rapid  train  leaving  Bangkok  at  06.05  hours  and  19.00  hourswhile express  train  leaves  at  20.30 hours and the air - conditioned rail carleaves at 08.20 hours and at 20.40  hours.  Further  detailed  information  can  be  obtained  from  Travel  Service  Section of the Royal State Railway of Thailand, Tel. 223-7010. and 223-7020.

By Air
     One  can  use  Bangkok :  Khon  Kaen  Flight,  daily  operated by the Thai Airways International, totalling  four  flights  a  day  at 06.55, 11.30, 15.0hours and at 17.50 hours with the fare of baht 1,060. And  the  last  leg  of  the  journey  has  to  be  made  by  bus  from  Khon  Kaen Province to Kalasin Province. Detailed information can be obtained from Tel.280-0070 and 280-0080.