The Emblem of Buri Ram

     Buri Ram,  known  as  the city of pleasantness, is one of the largest and most  populated  provinces  in  I-SAN . It  has  an area of about 10,312.435 square  km.  In  the past it was covered with shady trees and the land was fertile.  Even  the  name  "Buri Ram" means the city of appiness or the city of  joy.  Its population of 1.6 million people rank sixth among all provinces. Approximately   1.75   million   Rai   of  the  area  is  forest  land.  The  main occupation here is rice farming. The average per capita income is 14,343 baht.




Connects with Khon Kaen and Maha Sarakham.
Connects with Surin.
Connects with Prachin Buri and the Phanom Malai Mountain Range which divides Thailand and Cambodia. Buri Ram's frontier Amphoe (districts) are Amphoe Ban Kruat and Aphoe Lahan Sai, 44 km. from Cambodia.
Connects with Nakhon Rachasima.

     Buri  Ram  Province  is  divided  into  21  Amphoes  and  2  king  Amphoes  (sub - districts). The distances from Amphoe Muang to other Amphoes are as follow :
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Ban Kruat
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Ban Mai Chaipot
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Chalerm Prakiat
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Huai Rat
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Khu Muang
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Krasang
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Lahan Sai
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Lamplaimat
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Na Pro
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Nang Rong
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Non Din Daeng
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Non Suwan
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Nong Hong
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Nong Ki
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Pa Kham
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Plab Pla Chai
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Prakhonchai
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Putthaisong
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Satuk
Amphoe Muang - King Amphoe Ban Dan
Amphoe Muang - King Amphoe Kan Dong
66 kms.
85 kms.
68 kms.
12 kms.
33 kms.
32 kms.
100 kms.
32 kms.
78 kms.
54 kms.
92 kms.
40 kms.
60 kms.
83 kms.
78 kms.
40 kms.
44 kms.
64 kms.
40 kms.
15 kms.
56 kms.

How to get there

By Car

     From  Bangkok,  take  Highway No.1 (Phahonyothin Road) to Highway No.2 (Mittraphap Road) to Nakhon Ratchasima.

     Then turn right onto Highway No.24 on the Chok Chai-Det Udom Road, and another right to Buri Ram.  The  total  distance is 410 km. A new route is from Nakhon Ratchasima on Highway No.226 past Amphoe Chakkarat, Huai Thalaeng and Lam Plai Mat. The distance on this route is only 384 km.

By Bus
     The  Transport  Co.  operates  a  daily  Bangkok-Buri  Ram  bus  service. For more information, contract Tel 936-1880, 936-0657.

By Train
     Express,   rapid   and   ordinary   trains   are   available   to   Buri   Ram  from  Bangkok  to  Ubon Ratchathani.  Air - conditioned  diesel  coaches  on  the  Surin-Bangkok  can  be  taken  daily. The distance is 376 km.

By Plane
     Thai  Airways  International  operates flight between Bangkok and Buri Ram. Call 2800060, 628-2000 for further information.