The Emblem of Tak


      Tak  is  the  central  province  for  development  of Northern Thailand, also being the communi-
cation  center  of  the  North  having  an  Asian Highway passing through Myanma Thai border into Thailand  at  Amphoe  Mae  Sot,  Sukhothai,  Phitsanulok towards Northeastern Thailand entering Laos  at  Chong  Mek  pass  of  Ubon - Ratchathani.Tak is the site of Bhumibol Dam, the largest in Thailand.   Covering   an   area   of   16,406.6   square   kilometers.  Tak  is  located  426 kms.  from Bangkok, and administratively divided into 8 Amphoe 1 King Amphoe:

     -   Muang                
     -   Sam Ngao
     -   Ban Tak             
     -   Tha Song Yang
     -   Mae Ramat     
     -   Umpahng.
     -   Mae Sot
     -   King Amphoe
     -   Pho Phra
     -   Wangchao