The Emblem of Phitsanulok


     Phitsanulok  province  covers  some  10,584.5 Theriverside provincial capital is 377 km. North  of  Bangkok.  Phitsanulok  is situated on thegeographical and administrative line uniting the central and northern regions.

     Phitsanulok  was  the  birthplace  of  King  Naresuan  the Great of Ayuthaya (reign : 1590 - 1605), and  his  brother  Prince  Ekathosarot.  Phitsanulok  has long been an important center for political and  strategic  reasons. Phitsanulok was a major center of recruitment when Ayuthaya waged war with  Burma, and was the capital of Thailand for 25 years during the 1448-1488 reign of Ayuthaya's King Boromtrailokanat

     The  climate  of  Phitsanulok  is  generally  hot  and  humid.  It  borders with Uttaradit in he North, Pichit  in the south, Loei and Phetchabun in the East, Kamphaeng Phet and Sukhothai in the West. Covering an area of 10,815.8, the province is divided into 9 Amphoes :
     -   Muang
     -   Bang Krathum
     -   Bang Rakam
     -   Chat Trakan
     -   Nakhon Thai
     -   Noen MaPrang
     -   Phrom Priram
     -   Wang Thong
     -   Wat Bot