The Emblem of Phetchabun

     Phetchabun,  an  ancient  city  with  several  interesting  and important places such as Wat Ma-
hathat  and  Si Thep Historical Park, has always proposed throughout her history. At present, it is famous for the fertile land for cultivation. The renowned fruit is sweet tamarind. Besides, there are various  historical  and  natural  attracaions  as  we  know  from  the  motto  of the province: Sweet Tamarind  City,  Nam  Nao  National Park, Si Thep Ancient City, Khao Kho Commemoration, Poh Khun Pha Muang City.

     Phetchabun  located  in  the  lower  northern  part  of Thailand, 346 kms. from Bangkok. It has a total area of 12,668.416 sq.kms. or about, 7,917,760 rai.

     The  area  is  a  plain  surrounded  by  the  hills. The main river passing through the province is Pasak River.

     Phetchabun has 3 seasons: hot season, rainy season and cold season.

bordering Loei Province.
bordering Lopburi Province.
bordering Chaiyaphum and Khon Kaen Province.
bordering Phichit, Phitsanulok and Nakhon Sawan Province.

From Phetchabun city to nearby Provinces
     -   Chaiyaphum 259 kms.
     -   Khon Kaen 240 kms.
     -   Loei 190 kms.
     -   Lopburi 260 kms.
     -   Nakhon Sawan 195 kms.
     -   Phichit 130 kms.
     -   Phitsanulok 170 kms.

From Phetchabun city to its districts
     -   Bung Sampan 105 kms.
     -   Chondan 55 kms.
     -   Khao Kho 70 kms.
     -   Lomkao 70 kms.
     -   Lomsak 50 kms.
     -   Nam Nao 140 kms.
     -   Nong Pai 58 kms.
     -   Sithep 115 kms.
     -   Wang Pong 85 kms.
     -   Wichienburi 100 kms.

     The  name  "Phetchabun",  as  appears  in  the  historical evidence found by the Department of Fine  Art,  originates  from  the  word  "Phuechapura"  which  means  plenty of crops. However, the name was changed into "Phetchabun" which means plenty of diamonds.

      This  province  is  considered  to  be  the  ancient  city which was built in two different periods in the  same  area.  Wat  Mahathat  including  other  ancient  temples  indicate  that  the  first period of Phetchabun  was  found  during  Sukhothai  Kingdom. The  Department  of  Fine  Arts declared the wall and the forts as the archaeological sites on 8 March B.E. 2478.

How to get there
By Bus
     Direct  air - conditioned  and  non air - conditioned buses leave from the Northern Bus Terminal on Kamphaeng Phet2 Road. (Tel. 537-8055-6) starting 09.30 A.M.until 09.30 P.M.

By Car
     Taking  Highway No.1 to Saraburi till Km. 125 (Pukae); turn right to Highway No. 21 via Amphoe Chaibadan, Amphoe Si Thep to Phetchabun for 346 kilometres.