The Emblem of Lamphun

     Legend  handed  down  for  more  than  1,400  years refer to this ancient town  as  Hariphunchai.  Its  first  ruler  was  Queen  Chamthewi who was of Mon  extraction.  In  late  12th  century,  King Mengrai overran the town and subsequently  integrated  it into the Lanna Kingdom. Today, Lamphun still retain its  enchanting  ambience  of  a  small  but old community. It is some 670  kilometres  from  Bangkok  and  only  26 kilometres from Chiang Mai. Located  on  the  bank  of  the  Kuang  River, its attractions include ancient sites  and  relics  as  well  as  forests  and  mountains and delightful lakes. Lamphun is the most famous producer of longans.

Chiang Mai
Lampang and Tak
Chiang Mai and Tak

Distance from Lamphun city of nearby Provinces
     -   Chiang Mai 21 kms.
     -   Lampang 71 kms.
     -   Tak 244 kms.

Distance from Lamphun city to its districts
     -   Ban Hong 40 kms.
     -   Li 105 kms.
     -   Mae Tha 25 kms.
     -   Tung Hua Chang subdistrict 105 kms.

How to get there
By Bus
     From  Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal there are both ordinary and  air  conditioned buses to Lamphun daily. (Tel. 537-8055). The trip   takes   about   9   hours.   From   Chiang  Mai  buses  leave  for Lamphun throughout the day.

By Train
     Trains  leave  from Bangkok Railway Station for Lamphun daily. Contact Tel. 223-7010, 223-7020 for train timetable.