The Emblem of Pathum Thani

     Pathum  Thani  is  a neighbouring province of Bangkok. It is situated on the  Chao  Phraya  basin  with  plenty of canals and orange plantations. Its original   name   is   Muang   Sam   Khok,   which   was  founded  during  the Ayutthaya  era.  It  was  the  settlement  for  the  Mon people migrating from Mothama  (in  Myanmar)  over  350  years ago. In the year 1815 when King Rama  II  made  a royal visit to this area, the inhabitants offered him plenty of  lotus  flowers  which  is  the  origin  of  the  present  name. Pathum Thani Town  is  only  46  kms.  from  Bangkok. It occupies an area of about 1,565 square   kilometers   and   is    administratively    divided    into    7   districts (Amphoes):  Muang Pathum Thani, Lat Lum Kaeo, Sam Khok, Thanyaburi, Nong Sua, Khlong Luang, and Lam Luk Ka.

Bangkok and Nonthaburi
Nakhon Nayok and Chachoengsao
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya,

Distance from Pathum Thani city to nearby provinces
Nakhon Nayok
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
46 kms.
89 kms.
101 kms.
26 kms.
30 kms.
101 kms.

Distance from Pathum Thani city to its districts
Khlong Luang
Lam Luk Ka
Lat Lum Kaeo
Nong Sua
Sam Khok
22 kms.
32 kms.
16 kms.
47 kms.
5 kms.
34 kms.

How to get there
By Car
There are 3 routes which lead to Pathumthani from Bangkok:
     1. Bangkok-Bangkhen-Rangsit-Pathumthani
     2. Bangkok-Nonthaburi-Pakkred-Pathumthani
     3. Bangkok-Bangyai-Bang Buathong-Lad Lumkaeo-Pathumthani

By Bus
     BMTA  (Bangkok  Mass  Transit  Authority)  bus  no.33  runs  from  Sanam  Luang in Bangkok to Pathumthani City Hall. Visitor can also take bus no.29, 34, 39, 59 air-conditioned bus no.3, 29, 39 to Rangsit and take local bus from Rangsit to Pathumthani

By Train

     From  Bangkok  Railway  Station visitor can take any train which stops at Rangsit Market. Then take a local bus from Rangsit to Pathumthani.