The Emblem of Nakhon Pathom

     Nakhon  Pathom  is  located  in an alluvial plain in the central region, about  58  kms by road from Bangkok. Generally, it is an area of alluvia plain  which  is  drained  by  the  Tha  Chin  River,  covering  an  area  of 2,168,327  sq  kms  or  about  1,355,204  sq  Rai.  It  is  an  old  city which has  an  interesting  history  dating  back thousands of years. It was well known  as  a  center  of  cultural  development and prosperity. From the evidence   revealed   by   extensive  excavation  in  the  past,  we  have learned  a  lot of things which have historical and archaeological value, such   as   Phra   Pathom   Chedi   and   Dhammacakra  (Symbol  of  the completeness of the Dhamma) etc.

Suphan Buri and Ayutthaya
Ratcha Buri and Samut Sakhon
Nontha Buri and Bangkok

Distance from Nahon Pathom city to its districts
Bang Lane
Nakhon Chaisri
33 kms.
20 kms.
20 kms.
14 kms.
21 kms.

Distance from Nakhon Pathom city of nearby Provinces
Samut Sakhon
142 kms.
56 kms.
65 kms.
65 kms.
63 kms.

How to get there
     Nakhon  Pathom  is  located  very  near  Bangkok  and  it  is  conveniently  accessible  from the neighboring cities. Through the best high way available, from Bangkok by car, we may choose to use Bang Khae and Phetkasem route or Phrapinklao Nakhon Charsri route, which takes about 40 minutes  to  reach  Nakhon  Pathom. Further more, travelling by train to Nakhon Pathom is another popular  way  in  which  the  tourists  can  enjoy  the  natural  scenery  on  the  way  sides  of the fruit orchids and flower plantations along the way.

By Rail
      Trains  regularly  leave  Bangkok's  Hualampong  (Tel:  223-7110, 223-7020) and Bangkok Noi (Tel: 411-3102)  railway  stations  for Nakhon  Pathom.  The  third - class  fare  for the 64 kilometers journey  is  10  baht  per  person.  The  journey takes approximately 90 minutes, depending on the type of train.

By Road
      Buses  regularly  leave Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal (Tel: 434-5558) for Nakhon Pathom. The  fare  is 18 baht per person by non-airconditioned bus, and 52 baht by air-conditioned coach, for the approximately 70 minutes journey.