The Emblem of Lopburi


     Lopburi  was  probably  founded  in  pre-historical period until the Khemers who expanded their power  to  the  town  of  Larvo  dating from the 10th century and ruled over the area. In the middle of the 13th century when the Thais who had already migrated from the North and had settled down in this  country.  In  1664, King Narai the Great, a King of Ayutthaya made Lop Buri the second capital with  the  help of French architects. Therefore , the architectural style of Lop Buri in the reign of King Narai  was  half  Thai  and  half western. Today it is a modern garrison town and provincial capital 153 kms., north of Bangkok.

     The  North  stretches  to  Phetchabun  and Nakhon Sawan The South stretches to Saraburi and Phra  Nakhon  Si  Ayutthaya  The  East  stretches  to  Nakhon  Ratchasima  and Chaiyaphum The West stretches to Singburi and Angthong and Nakhon Sawan

How to get there
By Bus
     Both  air - conditioned  buses  and  non air-conditioned buses leave the Northern Bus Terminal (Mor chit 2) for Lop Buri every 15 minutes from 05.30 A.M. until 08.30 P.M. everyday.

By Car
     Travelling by car from Bangkok to Lopburi is most convenient, there are three routes to choose depending on the starting point in Bangkok. Description of each route is as follow :

First route:      
Second route:

Third route:   

Taking Highway No.1 (Phaholyothin Rd.) for 153 kms. via Saraburi.
Taking Highway No.1 (Phaholyothin Rd.)  till Bang Pa-In District, turns left along Highway  No. 32  (Asia  Rd.)   via   Phranakhon  Si  Ayutthaya  and  turn  right   at Angthong Interchange toAngthong-Lop Buri Rd. for 2 hrs.
Taking Highway No.1    (Phaholyothin Rd.)    via    Phranakhon    Sri   Ayutthaya, Angthong  and  turn  right  to Highway No.311 (Singburi-Lopburi Rd.) at Singburi Interchange.

By Train

     Trains  leave  the Bangkok Railway Station (Hua Lamphong) for Lopburi many times daily. Call 233-7010,233-7020 for further information.