The Emblem of Kanchanaburi

     Kanchanaburi  is  Thailand's  third  largest  province,  covering  an  area  of  19,486 square kilo-
meters.  The  provincial  area  is  mountainous and borders Myanmar to the west. The province of Kanchanaburi  consists  of  13  districts  or Amphoe  of  which  Amphoe  Muang,  Amphoe Sai Yok, Amphoe  Thong  Pha Phum, Amphoe Sangkhlaburi, Amphoe Tha Muang, Amphoe Bo Phloi, and Amphoe Si Sawat are tourist destinations.

     Kanchanaburi  is  the  site  of  the  world - famous  Bridge Over The River Kwae, immortalized in books  and  movies,  and  is  noted  for  rugged  natural beauty where mountains and river valleys have  inspired  development  of  hydro - electric  power and where labyrinthine reservoirs provide further scenic elements to the province's natural beauty.

     Beyond  the  compact provincial capital, some 130 kilometers, and a  comfortable   2- hour  drive from Bangkok, where the Kwae Yai and the  Kwae  Noi rivers unite to form the Mae Klong River, Kanchanaburi unfolds   in   progressively   arresting  scenic  beauty  in  a  landscape characterized    by    several   waterfalls,   caves   once   inhabited   by Neolithic man,   national  parks  and  tranquil  riverside  and  reservoir settings.

     Opportunities   abound   for  rustic  living  aboard  rafts  on  dazzling  rivers  and  reservoirs,  and provide   the   focal   point   for   memorable   holidays   for   nature   lovers   who  delight  in  natural surroundings and pleasures without sacrificing basic comforts.  

Connects with Myanmar.
Connects with Ratcha Buri and Nakhon Pathom Provinces.
Connects with Suphan Buri Province.
Connects with Myanmar.

     Kanchanaburi  Province  is  divided  into  10 Amphoes and 2 king Amphoes (sub-districts). The distances from Amphoe Muang to other Amphoes are as follow :

Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Bophloi
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Lao Khwan
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Phanom Thuan
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Sai Yok
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Sangkhla Buri
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Si Sawat
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Tha Maka
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Tha Muang
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Thong Pha Phum
Amphoe Muang - Amphoe Dan Makham Tia
Amphoe Muang - King Amphoe Nong Pru
Amphoe Muang - King Amphoe Huai Kra Chao
40 kms.
98 kms.
24 kms.
50 kms.
230 kms.
102 kms.
30 kms.
12 kms.
145 kms.
30 kms.
75 kms.
60 kms.

How to get there
     Kanchanaburi  is  connected  by  daily  road  and  rail   services  with Bangkok  and  other neighbouring provinces. Air-conditioned and non-air-conditional   coaches   frequently   leave  Bangkok's  Southern  Bus Terminal  throughout  the  day  for  the  2  to  3- hour  journey while trains leave    the    Bangkok    Noi    Railway    Station    two    times   daily   for Kanchanaburi. Call 223-7010, 223-7020 for details of train timetables.